Stocking fillers for him (totalling under £30) and small gift ideas.

December 4, 2018



I don't know about you, but I find it really hard to think of stocking ideas for men. Women are easy to buy for - some fluffy socks, mini candles, bath bombs, nail varnish, chocolate etc and you're away. Men, on the other hand, not so easy. But this year I'm pretty proud of the stocking I've put together for my other half, so thought I'd share some ideas to hopefully make it easier for you. I feel like the stocking I've made is pretty generic to most adult males, so should work for your Dad, Brother, older Son or Boyfriend. I've tried to include links to the products where I can. 


First things first, chocolate!


Who doesn't love chocolate? Okay, I know there are a few select people in the world don't like chocolate, but this is for the many that do. If, like me, the recipient can't eat dairy, there are some really nice vegan chocolate choices out there. My personal faves include Vego bars (RRP. £2-4) and Booja Booja truffles (RRP £7). But for those of you out there that prefer dairy chocolate, B&M have a great range of choice at really good prices. 


I picked up these Reese's goodies in B&M for between £1 and £2 each (sorry I can't remember the exact price!). They had loads of different American candy and chocolate, but I tried not to go too crazy and made sure I left room for other things too.

On the subject of chocolate, of course all stockings need to include chocolate coins. I managed to find these Divine dark chocolate coins for £2.20 from Ocado, but I have in previous years seen them in Oxfam charity shops, which of course is a fantastic place to buy them from. Vegan or intollerant to dairy? Holland and Barrett have got your back. You can get your hands on vegan milk and white chocolate coins for as little as 85p.


Something smelly!


If the man you're buying for is a fan of aftershave or other body products, you can get a good range of products in boots, superdrug, poundland, B&M, the lot! What you can always do is buy a gift set and de-package it for stockings. 




Or, if the fella you're buying for sways more towards things that make the house smell nice, there are lots of room sprays and small candles around, particularly in TKmaxx. The person i'm buying for is a huge insence fan. Of course where possible, it's always best to shop locally, so if you have a local arometherapy or spiritual shop you can always get incense there. However, I ordered mine from Ebay £1.29 each or 4 for the price of 3. 




I feel like toiletries is quite a safe choice for a stocking, but you can get some really nice things. It's easy to buy some Lynx and shove one in the stocking, and if that is right up your fella's street, then Bob's your Uncle! But why not think a little more creatively toiletry wise? Think about what the man in your life uses products for most. Mine uses most toiletries for his beard and hair. Last year I bought him a selection of Whall beard oils for his stocking, but this year I've focussed more on the top of his head! Boots is a great place for finding some more 'special' toiletries without neccesarily breaking the bank. I took full advantage of their christmas 3 for 2 offer and bought some things that I've not seen before, but seemed to be popular when reading reviews!



These Johnny's Chop Shop products are great at bulking out the stocking, whilst being a really useful, yet slightly luxurious present for them. The hair spray retails for £5, grooming cream for £6 and hair clay for £7, but as I say, Boots often have offers on to make it slightly more affordable.




If hair isn't something your guy in mind is fussed about (or perhaps they don't have any!), then Man Cave is a great brand that do really nice smelling body and face products. These two shower gels smell divine and I've bought them as part of my Step Dad's gifts. They retail for £3.99, but again, they're often on offer. The brand has a variety of different products and is well worth a look.




For a personal touch you could have a go at making your own toiletries. For fathers day I made my Step Dad some 'manly' bubble bath and beard cream using essential oils and cosmetic bases from Naturally Thinking. They're fun to make, special and not too much money, so great all round!


Random bits 'n' bobs


What would a stocking be without some random 'stuff'?! As previously mentioned, my partner has a beard, so naturally when I saw these beard baubles in Flying Tiger for £2, I had to get them for a laugh. I have also seen them other places, such as amazon. Also from Tiger, I picked up these really interesting playing cards also for £2. They are all black with a sheen on them and my partner absolutely loves playing card games, so they're perfect. Another random thing i've added to his stocking is a car air freshener. Random? Yes. Useful? Yes. Just an airfresher? No. I've included his personal favourite smell: new car. This one also has a funny and slighly gross story to it. Last summer we went camping across Europe in a 2 man tent and Fiat Panda. It was extremely hot and extremely rainy and our small little tent ended up stinking of feet. To help solve the problem, we hung the car air freshener up in the tent, so now everytime we see one, it makes us smile as we remember that memory. Maybe there's something silly and personal to you guys that could go in the stocking? Either way, car airfresheners are always good to have. 


Something else cheap and fun I'm planning to get for his stocking is a scratch card. Imagine waking up on christmas day and winning thousands of pounds! If they don't win anything, it was a fun few seconds on christmas morning.


Here are a couple of other random gifts I've bought my partner. These aren't for his stocking, but just little extra gifts to go around his main present. However, they could easily go in a stocking too.



The first thing I've bought is a lunch box. Sounds boring but my partner always just shoves his lunch in the bottom of his bag and that's never any good for those occasional spillages. I wanted to get something fun and I found this novel insulated lunch bag on Asos (RRP £12.99). Another great find was this cast iron hippo bottle opener. My partner loves anything cast iron, loves animal statues, and absolutely loves beer, so its a win win win. This little fella came from TKmaxx for £9.99 (RRP £20). TKmaxx is the perfect place to buy presents, especially random things like this. You never know what treasures you'll find in store, and that's what makes it my favourite shop. A few other little gift ideas could include a new strap for their smart watch perhaps (there are lots of cheap ones on Ebay), maybe a new card game or how about a voucher for their favourite shop?


Well, that's me done for today! I hope this has been useful and given you a few ideas as a starting point for a stocking your making up. I'm certainly in the festive spirit and have been wrapping presents whilst watching Arthur Christmas. A post on festive wrapping will be coming soon. 






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