Sustainable Clothes Shopping - Why I Love Charity Shops

October 14, 2019

Charity shops. These two words seem to divide people. There are some who will leap with joy at a bargain and some that would turn their nose up at anything second hand. There are also some that would be open to it but are sceptical of finding anything good, thinking that the shops are mostly full of junk.


Okay, so I can't lie... there is a lot of 'junk', but one person's trash is another man's treasure as the saying goes. In amongst the railings and railings of clothes are real bits of treasure. It can be hit and miss, but can't high street shops be too?


We all know the world is in a bit of an evironmental crisis, to put it lightly. I'm by no means telling you you're awful if you buy clothes from high street shops, because I do it sometimes too. But what I will say, is it is much more sustainable for the environment if we buy second hand. We have a culture of buying and throwing when it no longer suits us or fits and then go out and buy more. But by shopping for clothes at charity shops, no extra clothes are being produced to eventually be thrown away, the clothes are just being reused by someone else.


So, you help save the planet, give to charity AND save yourself money! What's not to love?!


To show you how amazing charity shops can be, I went to one charity shop by me and got a whole outfit for £14...that's right, one shop, one outfit £14. Okay I didn't get shoes or tights, but I did get a coat, jumper, dress and belt. And really nice ones at that. They all look hardly worn and I couldn't be more chuffed


So without further ado.... here is the outfit!



Dress (unstyled) New Look £4.25
















































Dress with belt to sinch in the waist (unknown brand: £1)




















































 Cream chenille jumper: Marks and Spencer £3.75


























































Dark green coat with belt tie: New Look £5



Dress: New Look £4.25

Jumper: Marks and Spencer £3.75

Belt: Unknown £1

Coat: New Look £5




I personally love this. It is very autumnal, very me, doesn't hurt the bank balance too much anddddd I'm giving money to charity anddddd sustainably shopping. Happy Anna.


What are you best charity shop finds? I'd love to hear.




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