An A-Z of interesting items in our home

December 27, 2018


Hello and welcome to the A-Z of interesting objects in my house challenge! I saw my lovely friend Mel (@mellie_makedo) post this challenge on instagram and thought it sounded right up my street! Mel has the most beautiful house I've ever seen and calls herself a magpie for the things she finds in charity shops etc for her lovely home. She has wonderful interior style and we share a common ground of loving interesting and old treasures. 


As you may know, myself and Matt recently bought our own Victorian terrace house and one of our most favourite past times is perusing antique shops to see what beauties we can find. Every little thing we've bought means something to us and has a little story behind it. So I thought this would be a fun challenge to do to introduce you a little to our new home!


 A is for Aristotle


This marble bust was bought in Wales during our camping trip last year. We are huge fans of the programme 'Salvage Hunters', so naturally when we were near Drew Pritchard's antiques shop we HAD to visit. Everything in there was so beautiful, we could have bought the whole lot (if money and space permitted). Instead we bought the cheapest thing we could find in the shop, just so we had something that Drew had salvaged. This bust now looks very seriously upon us from our fireplace and the black and cream contrast is just lovely.


B is for box brownie camera


This retro camera has such precious memories for me. A few years back, I treated myself and Mum to a weekend in Brighton and it was the first time we'd ever visited the city. To this day, it is one of my favourite places in the world - I just find it so calming. If you've ever been to Brighton, I'm sure you'll agree that one of the best bits about the city is the lanes. We had so much fun exploring all the hidden treasures in the vintage shops and one of my favourite things I kept seeing was these cameras. Mum then later surprised me with one for my birthday.


C is for cribbage board

My fiancé Matt, loves board games and card games and introduced me to the game cribbage. During the summer my local area held a postcode yard sale. It was such a lovely community event and houses far and wide were selling no longer wanted bits and pieces. This board has clearly been very loved as it's a little broken, but I just love the unique shape and it reminds me of a lovely day.


D is for deer antlers



Now this one I'm not too sure about. Sometimes I don't know how I feel about having these as I'm very anti hunting. I like to think that these came from a natural death though. Every time I look at them I appreciate the animal they come from. We picked these up from an antique shop in Wymondham and the reason why I love them so much, is that they remind me of my Grandparents' home, as they have large stag antlers on their wall.


E is for entomology prints


We absolutely love these. Here is is a mix of not just entomology prints, but other prints too. These came from a local independent shop called Ian Fox Maps in Norwich. The lovely man who owns the shop goes to auctions and buys job lot boxes and old books and then rummages through to see what he can salvage. Most of these prints came from educational books from over 100 years ago. 


F is for fire place



I am so excited to finally have a working fireplace. I remember one Christmas my dad had an open fire in his house that was very similar to the one we now own, and even at a young age it felt so magical. I love the smell, the sight, the warmth. Everything about a fire makes me feel so cosy and happy inside. Being able to have our own roaring fires this winter is like a dream come true. This beauty is cast iron and original to our Victorian terrace.


G is for 'gator



Okay, okay, I cheated slightly on this one. We found this little brass fella on a whim during an accidental stop at Walsingham. On our exploration to find the place we were intending to go to (which we never found as we were in the wrong village!), we strolled across a really unique antique and vintage shop. This alligator is so tactile to touch and so interesting on the eye that we couldn't leave him behind.


H is for head



This prenology head is from Aladdin's Cave in Norwich. He's not that original, but I love him nonetheless. He looks perfect on a shelf of our up-cycled Argos cabinet that we gave a vintage look. Again, like the Aristotle bust, I love the contrast of the cream against the dark background.


I is for insects



Whilst this isn't an original piece, we found this beauty in Courtyard Antiques in Hingham and I fell in love with it instantly. It is so large so makes a brilliant statement piece on our dining room wall. We stumbled across the shop after our first ever visit to an antiques fair and I have to say, the little shop impressed us far more than the fair! It is crammed full of so many lovely things. We also came out with a beautiful lead mirror for the garden. 


J is for jasmine and ylang ylang candle



This beautiful smelling candle was a house warming gift from my lovely friend, Ruby. Anyone who knows me well will know that I have far too many candles to even admit to, yet I love to keep getting more.  They make me feel so cosy and really help make a house feel a home. 


K is for knitted cacti



Not antique or vintage this time, but another new home gift. These knitted cacti were a present from my Nan and they make me smile every time I see them. They were handmade by one of her kind neighbours.


L is for lamp



We found this lovely lamp in the same antique shop as the brass alligator. It was such an interesting little shop that I'm so glad we stumbled across. I love the brass detailing on this black lamp that goes so well with the alligator and the black sideboard.


M is for mugs



I'm the kind of girl that would much rather stay in with a cuppa or a hot chocolate, so when I received these Emma Bridegwater mugs for my birthday, I was over the moon. Matt bought me a city mug for every city he could find that we have visited over Christmas, so they're very sentimental. The city mugs I have are: Edinburgh, London, Paris and New York. 


N is for notepad



Not much to say about this one, apart from I love the way it looks on display on our black cabinet. It is sat by my plaster hands that I made during GCSE art. During Christmas I sat a Santa by it and I liked to think it's like his naughty or nice list!


O is for old metal chest



This chest came from a local charity shop. It was originally bright blue and had been used for tool storage in a garage. We took it home, cleaned it up and painted it black to spruce it up. I love the way the gold pops against it now. It no longer holds tools, but holds all our shoes instead and goes so well in our dining room.


P is for pans



When we moved into our new home, we treated ourselves to some proper copper pans. These ones are all the way from France, but we got them at a bargain price. We love them on display at the moment, but we can't wait to see them against the emerald tiles when we get a new kitchen in a few months. They really complement our other copper kitchen accessories too.


Q is for quality wood chest of drawers



Whilst this isn't something I personally would choose from a shop, this mighty piece of furniture was left in our house when we moved in (to our surprise!). From the age of it and little treasures found inside, we think it could have been in the house since the original Victorian owners, which makes it pretty special. 



R is for rug



Not a vintage this time - just a TKmaxx special! I absolutely love the colours and pattern of this and it goes so well against our wooden floor with a wooden chest on top. £30 for a large rug... you can't go wrong!


S is for suitcase



These vintage suitcases were one of our first antique shop purchases, bought in Wymondham. They make a lovely side table for plants and add a bit of interest to the room. I love to think about where they've come from, who owned them and what they've seen on their travels.


T is for toucan



This cast iron door stop was another moving in present to ourselves. Infact, it swooped into our new home (ha, sorry, couldn't resist that awful pun) whilst everyone was still bringing boxes and furniture in. It's just a quirky little thing to look at and I love the pop of colour of the beak. The reddy-orange perfectly complements the red in the typography of our black sideboard which you can see in the next photo. We also have some Guiness flying toucans (in the style of the classic 3 flying ducks) to put up on the wall to go with it. 


U is for unique sideboard



These drawers were found in an antiques shop in Kings Lynn. We popped in for a little nosey around on the way to visit our friends. We didn't really plan to buy anything that day, but once we saw it we couldn't leave it behind! It's not the kind of thing you see every day and was just what we'd been looking for. The original piece of furniture was from 1900 Belgium and then a talented lady created typography on it to bring it a new lease of life. I think it's my favourite thing in the house.


V is for vintage chest



I think this was our first ever piece of up-cycling. This slightly battered wooden box was an old tool box made by some man years ago. Matt's parents then inherited it somehow and it was in their shed pretty broken. We cleaned it up, repaired any damages and gave it a coat of wax and now it holds all our candles and acts as a coffee table. I just love that this was free and has the special touch of us doing it up instead of buying it. 


W is for wingback chair



Probably my second favourite piece of furniture in the house. This chair was a Gumtree find. Originally from New York, the first owners had it shipped over from an interior designer. When we saw it, much like the sideboard, we couldn't leave it. It is so beautiful and like nothing you normally find. 


X ...



Okay I admit defeat on this one. BUT I challenge you to find something in your house that begins with X... i'd love to see if you find anything!


Y is for York tea caddy



These beautiful tin caddies remind me of the most wonderful Christmas getaway to York. It was magical. Every morning when I enjoy a cup of tea, I'm reminded of that mini break. Everything about the city was just perfect. I loved the old cobbled streets, the delicious food and the warm festive atmosphere. I'd go back in a heartbeat.


Z is for zoology prints



These prints were from the same guy as the fern and moth prints. I absolutely love these sketches. From a distance they look quite a nice monochrome sketch and then you look closer and they just make you smile. The knowledge of animals that the artists had at the time was very minimal compared to now and it definitely shows!


Well, I hope you enjoyed that little insight into my home. 


Until next time,








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