How to create a statement wall

March 16, 2019

Fancy sprucing up your home a bit but don't want to change the whole room? How about making a statement wall?


Our front door opens up into our living room and you were previously greeted by a bland, slightly grubby white wall with a marked white radiator and that was pretty much it. It was a big open space and just to tide us over we put up a large map that we had.  This is a great way to fill up some space and add interest, however, the rest of the wall was still dragging it all down. I would constantly be looking over at it, thinking how bland and horrible it was. It wasn't the entrance into our house that I wanted. Because we don't have a hallway, that part of the room was our hallway. We can't put any pieces of funiture there, so it just looked rather empty. Unfortunately this is the best 'before' picture I have. I hated the wall so much that I only have a picture of it at New Years. But now as you can see, it's been transformed and I am now proud to open our front door to guests. It still needs a couple more pictures above the map, but it's pretty much there. 


My first job was to paint the radiator. Our house is victorian terrace and a lot of our furniture is either dark brown, black or green. The fireplace opposite the radiator is cast iron so I wanted to mirror the black to make the room more balanced. I couldn't be happier with the transformation. I gave the radiator a dust, gently rubbed it down with wire wool and then used Wickes high performance metal paint in smooth matt. I already had some left over from a previous project, so that was handy! This paint gives a brilliant finish, but it does need a couple of coats. Don't be alarmed if the first coat seperates a bit in places - you won't notice at all after a second coat. 


 Next was time to paint the wall. Our opposite wall is extremely busy, with a fireplace, mirror, shelves and lots of nick nacks. In comparison the expanse of white just looked too open and plain. We decided to pick up on the Green in our sofa and plants and opted for Crown's period paint in 'steam engine'.  The wall now feels so much cleaner and fresher. 

Now the wall is already looking so much better, it's time to add the finishing touches. The map (from Amazon) takes up a large proportion of the wall so I just wanted some smaller pictures to go around it. We already have some vintagey insect, animal and botanical prints around the room, so decided to add even more. You can find some really lovely prints in unexpected places, such as greeting cards and books. I went to my local book charity shop and picked up a book on moths. Out of this book I managed to get over 100 6x4 beautiful prints. If you are interested in moth prints, I have some for sale, as well as bird prints and monochrome victorian prints over on our Etsy shop

We then popped to homebase and picked up some cheap frames and now they look amazing. It sort of looks as though moths are in a display case from a distance, and I love it. 

We then dotted them around the map until it looked sort of right, hung them up with pins and now have a beautiful new wall.








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